Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Plan a Destination Business Meeting Like a Pro

Business travel may involve planning destination meetings. Learn to handle these tasks like a pro and ensure your event's success!

Body: Whether your company is celebrating a recent success or revving up to meet future goals, a destination business meeting may be the perfect venue for the occasion. Deciding on the budget, location, and goals will be major steps of the planning process, because these aspects will set the scene for the session. Here are a few tips to ensure that you get the most out of your event.

Setting a Budget

Before making any decisions, it’s crucial to figure out the overall budget for the event. Your budget will put every other wheel in motion, so gathering this information must be the first step of the planning process. It may seem obvious, but it's always important to note that the amount of money spent on the event will also determine the destination, as some locales are more expensive than others. For example, splurging on a city like New York or Las Vegas will offer more upscale venues, amenities, and options to meet your needs, but it will also cost more money. When the company budget is a concern, it’s possible to choose a perfectly suitable location that costs much less money.

Goals and Needs

A number of other factors will affect planning and business travel.

- The size of the group and the space available for the meeting will determine the venue chosen. For example, a small group won’t require the massive space and extensive services of a larger city in the same way that a bigger one would. Planning for a small group can open the door to a wider number of cities with less extensive venue offerings. Conversely, planning a large gathering will require a larger convention center with comprehensive services.

- The unique needs of your group can also impact your final choice. If the attendees will be seeking specific amenities such as golf or sightseeing, consider these needs as well when deciding on a location and venue.

Themes and Daily Schedules

- A creative theme for the event can resonate with many professionals, and themed events have grown in popularity over recent years. When incorporating a theme, make sure it fits your organization's goals and carries through various components of the event.

- Don’t forget to break up the day with icebreakers and fun activities to motivate attendees and make the event enjoyable.

While we can't plan the event out for you, Day Flier can smooth out the kinks of travelling to make your business trip a success! For more information on our charter flight services, visit dayflier.com.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Uber Is Not the Only Option for Black Car Services

When planning for transportation services, a variety of options exist for every leg of your journey. With black car service, some specific companies—such as Uber, which has steadily risen in popularity over the past few years—may initially come to mind. However, Uber has plenty of competitors, all of which can offer courteous service and great value and all of which can be used to complement a business air travel service like Day Flier’s.


Travelers in lower Manhattan can prepay with their mobile devices to schedule a ride with Via. This service operates between the hours of 6:30 am and 9:00 pm. The average wait time is a brief five minutes, but clients may have to share a ride with others.


Another option for Manhattan travelers, Gett offers transportation for a flat fee within a specific geographic perimeter. Customers never pay more for rush-hour transportation, either, but ridesharing is a part of this service.


When appearances are important, Blacklane transportation services can fit the bill. This company maintains a fleet of both cars and limousines with a staff of professional drivers. Customers can choose the vehicle they want for a ride in more than 70 U.S. cities and 50 countries worldwide.


zTrip offers a variety of options that resonate with travelers. Book a ride from an airport in the United States, Europe, or Mexico. Customers can choose a taxi or a black sedan for the ride. Price is given at reservation, and payment is due at destination.

Addison Lee

Travelers in London can call on Addison Lee for a lift. This company offers transportation for both people and packages. Even cyclists stranded in inclement weather can call for a ride, and a car will arrive ready to pick up both rider and bicycle. The wait time is short, and pre-booking is also possible.

All of these black car services are highly rated and allow the business traveler to get around easily in a new city—but to get to your destination city in the first place, Day Flier has you covered. Our itineraries and transportation services streamline your travel to remove stress and save time. After that, your in-city transportation adventures are up to you!