Monday, February 1, 2016

8 Ways Busy Professionals Prioritize Fitness

Fitting everything into a busy day can be challenging. Find effective ways to prioritize your fitness routine—even with the most frantic schedule.

Body: Staying fit needs to be a priority for good health, but squeezing exercise into your busy schedule can be challenging. Even on the most frantic of globetrotting days, it's possible to be physically active with the right approach.

1. Body-Weight Exercise - This type of workout is particularly advantageous, because it requires absolutely no equipment. Push-ups, squats, planks, and inverted rows are just a few of the moves possible without any equipment whatsoever.

2. Running the Stairs - A stairway with a few flights of stairs can be great for raising the heart rate effectively. Anyone taking the stairs at a good clip will get the blood moving in no time.

3. Hotel Gyms - Many hotels offer workout rooms designed to help business travelers maintain their fitness. These gyms typically include various cardio machines, such as treadmills and ellipticals. Guests will also find weight machines designed for resistance training.

4. Exercise Shows and Videos - Packing a DVD in a suitcase or tuning in to a sports channel with an exercise show can be the perfect way to work out away from home.

5. Mobile Apps - Many mobile apps are available to give people a fitness boost on the go. These apps run the gamut from for strength training suggestions to full workouts with a personal trainer leading the class.

6. Jogging or Running - Packing a pair of running shoes might be the perfect no-fuss way to get a workout in while away from home.

7. Kettlebells - Kettlebells are small in size, but they offer an effective way to build strength. These hand-sized weights fit easily into a suitcase or carry-on bag.

8. Homemade Weights - A little creativity may be in order when pursuing fitness away from home. Even lifting luggage in specific ways can provide effective strength training.

Business travel need not be stressful, nor does it need to interrupt a healthy lifestyle. With help from Day Flier, which seeks to take the stress and anxiety out of business travel, you might find that the time you save translates into more time for fitness.