Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Effective Business Traveler: How to Save Time and Money on Your Next Business Trip

American workers took more than 450 million domestic business trips in 2014, according to the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA). That amounts to nearly one-third of the total contributions to the travel and tourism industry. But while business travel is undoubtedly popular, it isn't always easy. New travelers often find themselves making embarrassing, costly mistakes in their first few trips. Brought to you by all of us at Day Flier, here are three things every business traveler should do before they depart.

1. Make Reservations

It may be unthinkable for the seasoned traveler, but some folks who travel for work fail or forget to make arrangements in advance. Not surprisingly, most of them run into problems before very long. They may have a hard time getting a ride at the airport or securing an affordable room at the last minute. As a result, they often go over their business trip budget and may have to cover the excess spending out of pocket.

By contrast, Day Flier makes it easy for business travelers to save time and money on chartered flights. They are one of the only booking services that present customers with a timeline or itinerary that includes both air travel and car service to and from the airport. Before you even book your flight, Day Flier will provide an accurate price quote to ensure that you stay within your travel budget.

2. Review Travel Expense Policy

Most companies have reimbursement policies designed to cover expenses for each business trip. More often than not, the company will place a daily limit on food and travel costs. Business travelers should always be aware of these limits before they leave on a trip. Pleading ignorance after you return with an exorbitant travel bill will only make you look unprofessional. With Day Flier's travel estimates, on the other hand, you won't have to worry about spending more than permitted—or about looking foolish in front of your boss.

3. Prepare a Packing List

Whether they leave their phone charger or toothbrush, most inexperienced business travelers forget things. Making a list before you pack is a simple, effective way to ensure you have everything you need on your business trip. And although Day Flier can't help you pack your bags, we provide you with an actual timeline of your trip—which should make it easier for you to decide what you need.

Whether you're struggling through your first few business trips or you're a seasoned pro, our services can help ensure a smooth—and stress-free—journey.

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