Monday, March 14, 2016

8 Great Apps for Professionals On the Go

For the modern business traveler, the expectations of completing projects or presentations while in the air or on the road have never been higher. Luckily, the surging technology market has given rise to several apps that meet the unique needs of the business traveler. Here are some of the best.


Evernote combines note taking and organization into one seamless design. This cross-platform app functions as a digital workspace. Type up notes, pin articles, and create to-do lists with ease. This app can sync across electronic devices, allowing you to access your ideas from your phone, tablet, and PC. No matter what device you have access to as a business traveler, you can use it to keep track of your notes. You can also easily share everything in Evernote with other Evernote users.


CamScanner uses your mobile device or tablet's camera to quickly scan documents. These documents are then converted within the app to storable, syncable, and searchable files. The features of the app allow you to optimize the file quality, zoom in on the document, and make notes or annotations. This intelligent solution for mobile document sharing allows the business traveler to edit documents and share easily and quickly with co-workers.

Cisco WebEx Meetings

The new-ish app lets you communicate with co-workers and business associates wherever you are. Have business conferences using the camera on your mobile device, tablet, or computer. What sets WebEx apart from other conferencing apps is that you can attach documents, presentations, or links to your conference. The app allows access to this information in real-time, so you don't have to wait to know how your pitch is doing.


You can't talk about Localeur without comparing it to other dining experience rating apps like Yelp or UrbanSpoon. Localeur does provide ratings for restaurants, bars, cafes, and other eateries. But what sets this app apart is that it only utilizes suggestions crowd-sourced by locals in the area. This means that recommendations favored by the app are from people who eat and drink at these places on a regular basis. As a business traveler, you can get a more authentic experience of the food-life of the city you are visiting using this app.


Want to have dinner but not sure where? OpenTable takes some of the trouble out of finding a place to eat. Over 32,000 restaurants and bars use OpenTable to manage their reservations. When you access the app, you are accessing the open reservations at the eateries in your area. Choose from different styles, prices, and ratings of restaurants to find the perfect place to eat tonight as a business traveler. You can book your table immediately. Using the app repeatedly also builds up points, which can be used for free meals or Amazon gift cards.


Snapseed could be rather simply described as a "photo editing" app. What makes this app stand out from other editing software is the ease of use. Upload a photo and use familiar swipe movements to change the color, contrast, or brightness of the photo. Add shapes, text, or other features with complete ease. It's a great way to quickly prepare photos for use on social media sites or in a presentation. And the developers are always adding features to make Snapseed even more engaging for commercial users as well as business travelers.


Need to keep track of spending and receipts on a business trip? Expensify is for you. This app allows you to log and store spreadsheets of expenses, take pictures of receipts, and generally keep track of spending as a business traveler. You can also share information saved on your app with your employer—no more need to file receipts when you get back!


PrintBot is an app that allows you to connect via WiFi or Bluetooth with local printing devices to quickly print documents, pictures, and presentations directly from your phone. The app supports over 2,800 printing devices, with more being added all of the time. Currently only available for Android, the developers are working on a version for iOS, so that any business traveler can use it.

For the business traveler on the go, time is of the essence. While you're busy multi-tasking, having something that solves problems helps to take some of the stress out of the workday. These apps can help simplify some of the tasks related to travel. In addition, Day Flier can simplify your travel plans. Day Flier backfills your travel itinerary based on your meeting times. Your business is your area of expertise; getting you there on time is ours. 

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